Cygnet Technologies
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About us
Our mission is to educate healthcare consumers, to promote EHR adoption, to reduce implementation failure, and to improve the clinical quality and business performance of healthcare organizations through specialized healthcare consulting services.
How we see our business
We use breakthrough simplicity and clarity to create compelling solutions to our clients' complex branding, communications, and design challenges. Cygnet attributes its success to the strength and experience of our consultants. 

The end result is a program that defines, differentiates, and dramatizes your brand to generate long-term value, a singular voice that communicates with clarity and distinction, and a framework for unifying your company, inspiring employees and creating meaningful customer experiences.
Corporate Philosophy
Since its founding, Cygnet has acted from a corporate philosophy of contributing through technology. In the intervening years, the world and society have changed greatly, but we have never lost our pioneering spirit, based on the principles of harmony and sincerity.

Now, as we embark upon the new century, global change is becoming ever more dynamic. This statement embodies Cygnet’s commitment to continue to inspire coming generations with the latest systems and technology services, for a more vibrant society. It is also an expression of our strong commitment to boldly face whatever new challenges the times bring us: whatever comes "Next."

In order to produce our customers' rich life, Cygnet provides technology consulting and services which support our customers' life event.